Visualising your goals andusing money more mindfully



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Visualising your goals and using money more mindfully.

When I was about 10 year old, I desperately wanted a stereo that not only had radio and cassette tape functionality – but a Compact Disc player as well (or CD for those playing at home). I promptly informed my parents that this was my dream and I would do anything to get it (ie chores around the house).

So we sat down, and agreed to a list of chores and a corresponding dollar value for each (you know – $5 for mowing the lawn or washing windows etc). I ended up drawing up one of those thermometer charts (you know the ones they use for fundraisers) to track my progress on doing enough chores to reach my goal (it was about $450 for this particular stereo that I just had to have). Every time I completed a chore, I would colour in red the corresponding dollar value on my thermometer chart which I proudly displayed on the door to my room beside a catalogue clipping of the stereo that had become the apple of my eye.

Now, I cannot remember exactly how long it took me to get there (probably felt like forever at that age I am sure), but I got there in the end. I always remember that thermometer chart – I would walk past it every day. Looking back, it was that constant reminder and visualization of the “grand prize” that most likely kept me so persistent in reaching that goal. I got my stereo – and it was glorious!

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I think too often in this digital world we can lose sight of the value of money and setting goals, and a tap of the bank or debit card removes that physical connection to your hard earned cash. I heard somewhere that you are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. I also firmly believe that if you use actual cash instead of your bank or debit card, you are more connected to money and its value. Think about it – we all hate breaking a $50 – but we are removed from that psychological phenomena when using tap and go.

So – this month I challenge you all. Write down your goals, create ways to visualise them so they are kept front of mind, and use cash instead of a card (subject to your comfort of handling and business’ accepting cash during COVID times). Set a target in not only monetary terms, but time as well. The SMART goals are a good concept to help you on your way to success (goals should SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, RELEVANT and TIME BOUND).

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